Nanotechnology, biosensors, body networks and smart homes are combining to give consumers the tools to take control of their health and maintain their lifestyle. This emerging network of technologies can also help create a web of interpersonal relationships that reinforce healthy behaviors and medical compliance. The detailed, continuous and individual data from such a network is synergistic with advances in both human genome and conventional medical research, and offers the potential for creation of a data-rich, personalized, and preventative medical science.
research topics
Development of microfabricated biosensors
for health and lifestyle maintenance
We are developing an array of new sensor technologies to provide real-time measurements of everything from gross activity levels and general affect to the state of biochemical reactions within the body. The goal for these sensors is to make them sufficiently small, low-power, and non-invasive that they can be built into everything from jewelry to toothbrushes to bathrooms.

Data-rich, personalized medical science
Continuous, personal biometric information, such as blood protein distributions, or with genomic data and behavioral data to stress and activity levels, can be combined to create new diagnostic and treatment regimes. Data mining combined with knowledge representation will impact personal and public health.
Wearable systems and smart environments
Embedded computing will bring these new sensors into our homes and our clothes and connect them in a dynamic wireless information network. We are developing embedded systems with the goal to help maintain health and lifestyle.

Feedback systems for reinforcing healthy behavior and medical compliance and for promoting self-knowledge
It is estimated that 80% of medical problems stem from counterproductive behaviors. The challenge for consumer health systems is to provide feedback to users that change these behaviors. One important way of accomplishing this feedback is through increased self-knowledge; an equally important method is to create a web of interpersonal relationships that reinforces healthy behaviors.